Company profile

Constructing with confidence

S.N. Houvarda and partners has been active in the construction industry since 1974. The long-standing family tradition evolved into a dynamic company which constructs landmark buildings in prominent areas of Athens.

The high standards of our constructions, aesthetics and the constant search for advanced technologies is providing our clients with confidence and excellent results. Our projects have been featured prominently through international industry fairs such as MIPIM in Cannes, France.

Advancing construction technology

S.N. Houvarda and partners works closely with experienced and renowned architects, civil engineers and engineers. By using modern methods in construction and the advanced contruction materials we reduce a project's time of completion and cost of construction by increasing the reliability and service life of the materials.

We integrate smart technologies into construction by turning the building into a "smart building" to improve the quality of our clients' every-day-life and reduce the operating costs of the building.

A reference in modern aesthetics

Modern trends in architecture define the aesthetics and functionality of each of our projects. We study the needs of each project, we design and offer our clients with visuals so they can have a clear vision of our proposal and then we continue with the interior design to give each project a unified and complete character.

In order to achieve extraodinary results for each project, we constantly search for innovative and new solutions in construction and design with techniques such as 3D printing, CNC-milling and laser-cutting.

With respect to environment

Each building should have the smallest possible environmental footprint. One of the key pillars of our study is designing buildings with a neutral energy footprint. Technologies such as thermal insulation on the exterior walls, energy-efficient windows, photovoltaic systems, solar systems and many more technics have become standard in our constructions in order to reduce the building's energy dependency.

Activities & Services

S.N. Houvarda and partners is active in the field of residential and professional real estate developments, architectural design, interior design, landscape design and furniture design. Other areas of our activities include restoration and renovation of buildings.